I want to begin with a quote I read just before I left for Italy. ”I can’t buy hapiness, but I can buy a plane ticket…and that’s pretty close”… And this ticket took me to Peschiera del Garda and to the Lakshmi family. 

I am writing in English so all of my friends and followers from all over the world can read it. And to all my Lakshmi people; Mi scusate non è in Italiano…ou en française.

I attended a seminar designed for Lakshmi’s importers and trainers from around the world. Each day of the seminar was filled with everything that Lakshmi stands for.

Importers and trainers came from all over to attend this seminar; Italy, France, Great Britain, Spain, Holland, Switzerland, Austria, Greece and Russia. I love it when so many different nationalities come together in one place. We were all there because we share the same passion for Lakshmi and Ayurveda. We all want to inspire, share and learn. Pictured with me in the photo is Franco Canteri, the founder of Lakshmi.

I am new to the Lakshmi family, many of the others I met have been part of this family for 10-20 years. Fortunately, I went there with Lars Olsson, the importer in Sweden who I have begun working with. Lars has worked with Ayurveda and Lakshmi for more than 20 years. I could not have a better teacher. I have so much to learn. Or as Lars says, ”You just have to remind yourself of what you have forgotten”.

While in Italy I got to speak all the languages I know, Swedish, English, French and Italian. I studied Italian many many years ago in Italy for a few months. I now have a reason to bring it back to my life again. I also got to use my French too. It was so inspiring to speak to my new friends and Lakshmi colleagues in their native tongue. You know who you are!

I was welcomed into Lakshmi with open arms. There is so much love and respect among these people. We all share the passion for Lakshmi and Ayurveda which we live and breath.The knowledge and experience these people have is incredible. I feel so grateful and privileged to be a part of it. ”I am exactly where I am supposed to be, right here, right now.” 

We listened, we observed and we practiced. The first day was about the body and the face; Udara, Ayurvedic massage, chakra healing with cristalls and Anti-age treatment for the face. The second day was about Alkaline (food and supplements to balance the pH value in the body),  Lakshmi’s hair products and Ayurvedic massage for mother’s to be and babies.

We talked about the amazing products we have, ingrediens, aromatherapy, treatments, the filosophy of Ayurveda, food, chakras and much more.

In the end I was asked what I thought was best. I got so much out of these days but I will highlight three things:

First, meeting everyone and being welcomed the way I was. Second, listening to and observing Francesca Lardo (The number one trainer) give the Ayurvedic massage. Third, receiving the chakra healing treatment, it was amazing.

I will see you all again next year, if not sooner! Ci vediamo l’anno prossima!


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5 reaktioner på ”LAKSHMI IN ITALY

  1. Hie Emma, Thank You, it is so nice to have written in English.
    I’ve loved our stay in Italy. It was so joyful and enthusiastic to meet everybody and talking about ayurveda all the time ❤
    I share your feeling of gratitude to be part of LakShmi's family.

    See you soon somewhere …
    All the best for You

  2. Thyanking you for your lovely mail, Yes in spite of the fact that I am no longer working with Lakshmi, ”only” a user. Likshmi is in my heart. All the best to you all, an espesealy to my friend Franco, and allso Lars and his famely.


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