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A new year has begun and I am sitting here, thinking about my 2015.

The first day of a new year often feels like a day between two years for me. I need some time to think it all over before I can begin the new year. When I think about all that has happened in 2015, it would be ok if nothing happens for a couple of days.

2015 has been a year full of changes, in my life and in the world. 


Some things have ended and other things have begun. I have been broken and I have gotten my hope back. 2015 was the year I became alone again and the year I let go. I have jumped out of my comfort zone, tried new things, some of them a bit crazy…

2015 was the year I became an aunt for the second time. This little person who gives and crave so much love is from now on in my life forever.

2015 was the the year I went from having short hair to long hair. A big step for me who has had short hair for almost all my life.

2015 was the year I started running. Not meaning I am a runner now but I run from time to time. I don’t run fast and I don’t run far but I will keep running in 2016.

2015 was the year I was part of Street Yogi, a photo project by Linda Dahlqvist. Read more about the project and the exhibitions on her website.

2015 was the year I sold my vespa which has been with me for 5 years.

2015 was the year I went to Italy twice. The first time meeting with the Lakshmi family. I held my first training alone in Stockholm and acted translator in Denmark. Who knew my old, rusty Italian would be brought back to life!

The second time I went to a Yoga retreat in Salento with my mum and 2015 was the year my mum found Yoga. Together we found Mona Anand and got to know what ”Yummy” is all about!

2015 was the year I got my first horoscope from India. So far it has been spot on. If that continues, this spring will be a very good time for me… Here is hoping!

2015 was the year my own little business developed, took some new turns and got a new website and a name, Balance by Emma. I got my certificate in Ayurvedic Yoga massage and I spent the summer working in Åhus, my favourite place on earth.

In 2015 I said Good bye to some and Hello to others. It has been a year full of meeting people and finding new friends.

2015 was the year I found my word….BALANCE

2015, you have taught me a lot. Some things I leave behind and some things I bring with me in to 2016.

It turnes out, every year is a new beginning. I have had many beginnings and I know more will come.

2016 will begin with an adventure in a new place, the ticket is booked and I am going. When my three year old godson tells me ”I’m going to miss you when you go there” and when one of my clients say ”Don’t like it there too much!”, I know I have a reason to come back…

2016, I am ready for you! I will try every day to feel free and to stay true to myself.

Wishing you all a happy, safe, healthy and peaceful new year!




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