COSTA RICA PART 1, The Journey

When you read this I have arrived to my final destination, Santa Teresa, Costa Rica. This is where I will live and work for the next three weeks.

Tuesday morning I left home, after two connecting flights, some hours at Newark airport, I arrived to San Jose, the capital of Costa Rica in the middle of the night. Almost 24 hours after I left home.

I was worried about my luggage. Were they going to question me about why I have so much oil and skin care products with me? And what if it was lost on the way, what would I do then? I was so relieved when I was reunited with my bag at San Jose airport. It was marked ”Heavy!”. Back at the hotel I opened it up and discovered that they had gone through it and some of the bottles were marked ”Inspected”. But it was all there, phu!


I love it when I arrive at an airport and I see my name on a sign. Someone is waiting for me, it makes me feel special and welcome.

Arriving at the hotel, Posada El Quijote,  in San Jose felt like paradise. Taking a shower, lying down and stretching out the body. My bum hurt after sitting down for so many hours…I fell asleep and woke up so so cold, with a fever.

The next morning I went up for breakfast, delicious pancakes and fresh fruit, then back to bed. I could not have been anywhere better for my recovery and I was being taken care of by the staff. They brought me fresh lemons and peppermint herbs from their garden.

I slept for so many hours, until early the next morning when it was time to leave for Santa Teresa. The fever was gone I and felt like myself again.

After 7 hours with bus and ferry I finally arrived to Santa Teresa. Now I don’t have to move for the next three weeks. You know you’r in a hot country when the windows have no glass…


More pics will be posted on my instagram @emma_balance



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