It was 5.30am and I was going to see my first sunrise in Santa Teresa. I wasn’t going to miss it since I woke up at 2.30am, Jet lag has its benefits, I thought.

I left my apartement in time. Although I hadn’t planned for the time of locking and opening all the doors. I have three keys. One locker to my bedroom and another one to the front door of my apartement. That went ok after some trial and error.

Then I came to the entrance of the property and remembered there was a secured locked gate. The landlord had told me it was ”tricky”. It was dark so I couldn’t really see that much but there were two lockers. I tried all my three keys but nothing happened. The dog woke up and started barking, must have thought I was trying to break in…

I almost gave up and then all of a sudden the gate opened! Ok, I still have time and now I know I can feel safe, if it is this hard to get in and out.

I found a long, dark path and at the end I could see some light so I thought, this must be the way to the beach!

I could feel and hear things moving along the side of the path. What is that? I had seen a huge lizard looking creature the day before so that might be it. I said to myself ”They are more scared of me!”. I started walking faster, not to make it to the sunrise, but to get away from whatever that was!

I had arrived at the beach! Where is everyone? Where are all the surfers??? There was just me and some dogs… I started walking and realized I might have chosen the wrong path and also maybe the wrong part of the beach for the sunrise. And it was no longer pitch black. So I had missed it…

Just like in life…things do not always go the way we plan. Things happen on our way. So I missed my first sunrise, or did I? It was pretty magical, absolutely beautiful and I laughed so much at myself.





Imagine this path pitch black!



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