I wrote about my first sunrise here in Santa Teresa so I thought I’ll write about my first sunset too.

It wasn’t as ”dramatic” as the sunrise and in this case I was rather too early than too late. I couldn’t stay until the end because of Yoga. Which I was almost skiped but I am so so grateful that I didn’t. It was Amazing!

For the sunrise, I was the only one at the beach that morning except from some dogs.

For the sunset, Everyone was there! We all sat there, waiting… The surfers went to catch the last wave of the day. Even the dogs waited patiently and it looked like it was their daily routine.

Oh no! It is not down yet and I have to leave! ”Have to” may not be right choice of term but yes, I have to….

I went from the sunset to an amazing Yoga class on a roof top. Wow, how about that sentence!? It is my reality at the moment. I have to pinch myself. The only ”difficult decision” I have right now is about tomorrow, do I stay throughout the entire sunset and miss yoga?

I am sure the picture would have been better if I didn’t have to run, but then again, I got the best of two worlds. Life is not about getting the perfect picture…

Good night





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