I am in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica. For three weeks I offer treatments at Casa Capitan. It is for sure very different from home. It is hot, I work outside, there is sand everywhere and the clients tip me!(Swedes never do…)


When I give treatments back home I always make sure the client isn’t cold. I have heat on the table (winter time), towels and blankets on top. For one client I also used a hot water bottle this winter. Before I left Sweden it got really cold really quick and the place where I give treatments at was so cold (old building, heat didn’t work..). It was difficult to keep the client warm and my hands and feet were cold!

Then I came here, to Santa Teresa. It is completely different to the above. Here, I give treatments outside and I have to keep an eye on the sun, to see how it moves. After one day I figured out which way to keep the headrest for each client. You don’t want the sun to get in their face. I cover their feet, not to keep them warm but to keep them from getting sun burned.

At home I heat up the oil and use hot towels. After the treatment I serve hot Ayurvedic tea. Here, I try to keep the oil away from the sun and I use towels to remove the sand from my clients feet. No one is asking for tea here…

I always wear white when I give treaments. At home it’s not a problem but here, they get dirty really quick. And I get so hot! I started off with white pants and a t-shirt, after two days I switched to bikini and a thin dress. Still in white though!

When I give treatments at home, music is a big part of it. I make playlists, put songs on queue and so on. After the first day here I realised, it is better without music. You got the sound of the waves, the birds and the cutest little squirrel in the tree shewing on his/her nut (very loud!).

It is for sure very different from home, and that is the way I wanted it to be.

I love the contrasts in my life!



2 reaktioner på ”WORK IN SANTA TERESA

  1. Hej Emma! Ååå..vad härligt det ser ut och vad härligt det låter som du beskriver livet där!! ja,vilken kontrast,hahaha…
    ta hand om dig,kram!


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