Second week at Casas Capitan, new guests, quiet and a new space for treatments.

bild jobb.jpg

One of the houses were empty so I could use a room there. A beautiful room with a bathroom outside. This beautiful space, if I could take it with me back home I would!

The space is so important to me when I work, the energies in the room are important.

I finally got to do a few facials, I have missed it. Something happens when I give facials. It calms me, grounds me, keeps me focused and my mind can’t wonder away…

I am glad I got to use some of the skin care products I brought with me. Hopefully my luggage will be a little bit lighter on the way back.

The climate effects the treatment, the client, their body, their skin and it effects me too. My own skin changes with the climate and when I travel. I have to think differently in some ways when giving a facial here.

Everytime I give a treatment I learn and that is how I become a better therapist. I am always a student, never the expert. It is different every time, because we are all different and we change. Giving treatments here in the tropics have taught me a lot. It has also made me appreciate the work I do at home.




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