I read that ”People who can go anywhere in the world often choose Santa Teresa”


I am lucky, I got the opportunity to come here and work. I met this person at the right time in my life who said ”Come!”. And to be honest, the idea hadn’t crossed my mind up until that very moment. I wasn’t going anywhere and in a way it feels like Santa Teresa chose me and not the other way around.

Somethings we choose and other things come to us. Just be open and when you’r ready for it, it will come to you, not a second too soon.

”We don’t meet people by accident, they are meant to cross our path for a reason”

Really, doesn’t she have any new quotes!? Well, this one just keeps appearing in my life…

I am grateful for everyone I crossed paths with on this journey. There are so many awesome people in this world. In the end, it’s the people we remember…

I want to give a special thanks to Carlota for the invite and opportunity, Darlene for being my guide and friend, The Beach Bum for my morning smoothies, my Austrian neighbours for the laughs and talks and Cristina for the beautiful jewelry.

Bags are packed, tomorrow morning I am off…

Goodbye Costa Rica…Hello New York!


yoga santa teresa.jpg



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