My phone is always in flight mode at night when I’m sleeping, when I’m on my yoga mat and when I give treatments.  

Those are three important and holy moments to me, keeping me balanced. Normally it is not difficult for me to be offline, the opposite, It’s easy. To check out. 

Well, being in love makes it not easy… to be offline! I have been online when sleeping and when practicing Yoga or meditation. The only exception has been when giving a treatment. 

In love + sleeping = No flight mode. I’m ok with waking up, I don’t mind, I want to wake up!  The message ”You there?” just as I am about to drift off.   

On my yoga mat, keeping it close for me to reach. I recognize the sound when it’s you, sending me a message. I didn’t choose it yet it makes a special sound when it’s you. Maybe, maybe I lift the eye pillow to look. If I can wait, I wait for my insight timer to give me the signal of my time in the pose. 

When transitioning into the next pose, I look. It’s part of my practice, you are part of it. My ”In love practice”. 

When I give a treatment, it is always in flight mode, no exceptions, crazy in love or not!
Before I could forget to activate it after one or more treatments until hours later. Now, when in love, I never forget. After each treatment, I look. ”You there?”.

”To lose Balance for Love is part of living a balanced life.”





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