Ayurveda means knowledge (Ayur) of life (Veda).

This 5000-year-old Indian philosophy aims to strengthen the body’s self-healing ability. According to Ayurveda the whole Universe and all the living systems including the human being are built up of five elements; Space, Air, Fire, Water, and Earth

In Ayurveda one identify three different doshas – Vata -Pitta – Kapha and combinations of these three.  We all have a unique combination of the three which make up our body constitution (Prakruti), which follows us throughout our life. 

VATA – Air & Space.

”Like the wind – In constant movement.”

PITTA – Fire & Water.

”Like fire – Warm and full of energy.”

KAPHA – Earth & Water.

”Like earth & water – Stabile & with full potential to create life.”

The doshas exist in each cell, tissue, and organ. Each individual has a unique combination of the three life forces. None of these forces are considered to be more negative or positive. They all have their own special qualities. It is when the doshas get in imbalance, negative consequences can occur.

According to Ayurveda diseases and skin problems are caused by an imbalance in one of the doshas. The imbalance can be caused by your lifestyle, your food, stress, seasons of the year, time of sleeping, time difference, travels, thoughts, among other things. 

Ayurveda has helped me a lot and is an important part of my life. I balance my doshas with drinks, herbs, spices, Ayurvedic medicine, food, yoga, meditation, treatments, sleep and Lakshmi’s Organic skin care products.

When in need I go see my Ayurvedic doctor for help and guidance. From reading my pulse she knows where my imbalances are and what my body needs right now.

2014 I went to an Ayurveda Center in Kerala, India for a ”Pancha Karma”. A cleansing cure for 12 days. That was my first meeting with Ayurveda. 

Ayurvedic Doctor in Stockholm:

Dr. Tejal Athavle-Limaye


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My time in Kerala, India:

Part 1  (In Swedish)

Part 2  (In Swedish)