”Like earth & water – Stable & full of potential to create life.”

Remember that you have all the three doshas in you, Vata/Pitta/Kapha. A unique combination of the three makes your constitution. Often one or two of them are dominating. That means that you can recognize you in some or everything below. Click here for Vata and Pitta. Which dosha do you need to balance now? 

Kapha is the most stable dosha of the three and the most resistant to imbalances. 

Element: Earth & Water.
Managing principles: Stability and structure.

Time of year: Spring
Time of day: 06am -10am, 6pm-10pm.

Years, dominant: Conception – puberty.

Kapha oil (in treatment):
A synergy oil with 12 essential oils. Rosmarine, Coriander, Black pepper, Ginger, Peppermint, and Nutmeg.

Stimulating, vitalizing, warming. Lymphatic drainage, stimulating circulation, and muscle tissue. Recommended for everyone in springtime and/or for morning time (Kapha time). 

Body: Strong, heavy, curves. 

Skin: Soft, oily, acne, big pores, pale, bluish tone. 

Hair: Thick, dark, oily, soft.

Eyes: Large, dark.

Main organ: Stomach & Lungs.

Kaphas place in the body: From solar plexus to the top of the head.

In balance: Stabile, reliable, good behavior, calm, sympathetic, patient, methodical, empathic, forgiving, strong, tolerant, good memory, stress-resistant. 

In Imbalance: Unable to make quick decisions, slow, heavy mind, depressed, introvert, non-flexible, tired, materialistic. Stiff in joints/body, overweight, colds, asthma, diabetes. 

Causes of imbalance: The most stable dosha of the three and the most resistant to imbalances. Cold to its nature and in need of both heat and movement to feel good. Inactivity, too little exercise, too much sleep, under stimulation can cause imbalances. Challenge yourself and do a little more than you expect of yourself! 

Stress reaction: Introvert, stop doing things. 

Eating habits: Average appetite, slow metabolism.

Food: Drink boiled, hot water. Don’t eat too much, avoid snacking. Eat less sweet and oily food. Eat more hot and spicy food. 

Spices to balance Kapha: Ajwain, Fenugreek, Ginger, Cinnamon, Cardamom, Clove, Cumin and Star Anise. 

Sleep: Deep and long. Kapha dominated are often slow and tired in the morning. 

Balance Kapha: STIMULATION!