Hi! According to Ayurveda fall is represented by the Vata dosha, air and ether element.  Two years ago in September, I moved into the studio, Yoga Shakti. Into the room where I’m giving my treatments. A lot has happened in these two years, in this room, in the studio, outside the studio, in my life and within me. I have … Mer TWO YEARS


In May I went to Lakshmi in Italy to take part in a three-day course in Ayurvedic massage.   Lakshmi is situated outside Verona. I’ve been there once before, three years ago for an international meeting. This time I found out I was the only one outside Italy attending the course, two weeks before. So they … Mer LAKSHMI ITALA


ARRIVING On the 27th of December, I went to a Silent meditation retreat in another part of Sweden. I had been wanting to go into silence for some time. I chose to go at this time of year to get away from celebrating New Year’s Eve. A day of the year I thought didn’t mean … Mer SILENCE