Hi! According to Ayurveda fall is represented by the Vata dosha, air and ether element.  Two years ago in September, I moved into the studio, Yoga Shakti. Into the room where I’m giving my treatments. A lot has happened in these two years, in this room, in the studio, outside the studio, in my life and within me. I have … Mer TWO YEARS


In May I went to Lakshmi in Italy to take part in a three-day course in Ayurvedic massage.   Lakshmi is situated outside Verona. I’ve been there once before, three years ago for an international meeting. This time I found out I was the only one outside Italy attending the course, two weeks before. So they … Mer LAKSHMI ITALA


 Within the eastern philosophy, one say that we are energies and everything around us is energy. It means that everything is connected and effects us. Our energy body has about 72 000 energy channels, nadis, where the energy flows. One talk mainly about seven or eight larger energy points in the body, Chakra, where the … Mer THE 7 CHAKRAS