With crystals and stones, I see one and I know. Then I find out about it’s qualities and meaning. It is always a wow moment and no question why I was drawn to that specific crystal or stone at that time.

Like humans, animals & plants, stones and crystals consist of and give forth energy with various frequencies.

Crystals and stones can be useful and magic tools in energy work, setting intentions, releasing, cleansing, support and grounding.

Being the person I am I went all in at one time, it was a ‘new love’ and I wanted to collect. I got a new one, a new one and then a new one…

One day I sat with my collection of crystals and a clear message came to me, ‘ You know, you only need three of these now…’

For support in choosing what crystal or stone you need one specific day or time… see post ‘Pendulum

”Make it Simple, but Significant.”