The intention with this page is to share tools and inspiration. Whenever I find something I want others to know about it too.

The posts are short. Please share comments and thoughts with me. 

I love cards as a tool to connect to the intuition and to spirit.

‘Inner Compass is a Card deck to awaken your intuition and potential.’*

”It is impossible to choose the wrong card; the right one will always present itself.”*

I got the cards at Bodhish in Stockholm where I attended the Metamorphosis in 2020.

Metamorphosis. Bodhish. 

○ Inner Compass Website

Denna bild har ett alt-attribut som är tomt. Dess filnamn är img_20200826_124741_044-1.jpgPhoto by Thommy Haglund

Sarah is the founder, writer and podcast host for ‘live awake’. Yesterday I ordered her new book, ‘Heart Minded: How to hold Yourself and Others in Love’. I can’t wait for it to come. 

I listen to Sarah’s beautiful meditations on the app ‘Insight Timer’.

‘Remembering your worth.’  ‘Discovering Your Intrinsic Self.’  ‘Our Call To Presence ‘.  ‘I would like to give you permission.’ ‘Healing through letting go.’

”…The very nature of waking up is to be aware, be accountable, to be responsible, for the healing of my life. And knows I will need to take on the task of loving myself until full…”

○ Course
This fall, starting in September 2020, I will participate in Alan’s online course ”The Master Keys of Healing.”  based on his new book.

”This is a book about radical healing; radical because it finds healing in entirely different places than the world tells you it exists. It posits that healing is within your hands, not those of others.”

Info here.

○ A weekly wave of sanity
I listen to Alan’s ”A weekly wave of Sanity”  where he delivers an inspirational message appropriate to current events. Available on his YouTube channel.

○ ‘All about Love’
Listen to Alan’s podcast for profound insights. On Spotify.

”At every moment you are choosing the reality you live in by the identity you believe in.
– Alan Cohen

I listen to the Podcast ”Energy Matters” with David Gandelman and Cody Edler. ”Two leading experts in meditation as they explore energy and how it affects our daily life.”

I find that things and people come to you at a point in time. This podcast came to me at a difficult time.

Listening to David and Cody is inspiring, informative, and funny at the same time. With interesting guests. This is where I first heard about Alan Cohen. Previous post. 

Listen to the podcast Here.

Four times a year I recieve the Alma Nova paper. They lift the topics no other paper will!

”Almanova is the portal for health with the ambition to become Sweden’s largest portal for alternative, complementary and integrative medicine.”

On their website, you can find inspiring and interesting articles too.

In December 2019 I went to a Bicomtherpist. Bioresonance is a type of Frequency treatment. For me, it was so effectice at the time. The body answered well to the treatments and it gave me tbe  clarity and answers I needed  

Dr. Sanna Ehdin describes it well in this post about frequencies.

”If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration.”

– Nikola Tesla.

Denna bild har ett alt-attribut som är tomt. Dess filnamn är emma-_tha4712-1-e1603276452622.jpgPhoto by Thommy Haglund

One day I will have my own  herb garden. I eat fresh herbs All the time. The ones I crave changes. 


One time I couldn’t go a day without it. 

Fresh parsley is great for digestion on its own. Parsley is well known for strengthening the functioning of the kidneys and for digestion. Parsley is high in nutrients, notably Vitamin C and Vitamin A. Gives a fresh breath too. 


Rosemary is rich in antioxidants, increases digestion, and is good for low blood pressure as it stimulates the blood circulation in the body.


Thyme is mucosal (slemlösande), contains antibacterial oils, and strengthens the immune system.


The body knows what it needs and all we have to do is listen. I had a long cold when I started craving Thyme.

I love to add fresh herbs to flatbread, see next post.

I am all about Durra flour now.

Durra flour is gluten-free and rich in minerals and fibers. It has a great taste and the texture is similar to regular flour which makes it easy to work with. 

I make this flatbread with grated potatoes and durra flour. Boil potatoes and keep them in the fridge. You can use almond flour too and mix with the durra flour, it makes the bread more crispy and so yummy. Add salt and fresh herbs to the dough and fry the flatbreads. 





I love the Handpan instrument. One day I want to have one of my own.


SOUND LIST . Follow this list on spotify. I update it regularly.

A pendulum is said to be an extension of your intuition. For me, it has been a challenge and a practice to fully listen to and follow my intuition. For me, the pendulum gives me that bit of confirmation when I need it. 

When a teacher of mine didn’t answer my questions I got frustrated and asked him about it. His answer was this, 

”Emma you don’t want answers, you want me to confirm your own answers.” 

I know within that I don’t need the pendulum. But It is magic.

”Told You So. Sincerely. Your Intuition.”



Photo by Thommy Haglund

The power of the breath and trying different types of breathwork/Conscious Breathing. 

First I started practicing the WHM – Wim Hof Method. 

Then I practiced virtual breathwork with Michelle Baker. She is inspiring and the sessions were magic. I was comfortable in my own space.


”Sometimes it’s ok if the only thing you did today was breathe.” 

I love Coffee. Preparing and drinking it is sacred for me.

For me, it is Organic, fresh grounded coffee or no coffee. I want it hot and I want it black. 

Now I’m into Kafferosteriet Koppar. On their website you choose the coffee you want, they ground it for you and send it to you. 

I saved some coffee-grounds (kaffesump) and made a simple body scrub with coffee and coconut oil. Try it!

” May your Coffee, Pelvic Floor, Intuition & Self- Love be Strong.”

I know we are privileged with clean and fresh water in Sweden. It is an incredible natural resource we have. Meaning I might not need this but, I have bought a water filter. I like the ritual of filling it with new water daily. And this way I know how much water I drink a day. My cat who always drink from my water glass seem to like it too. 

‘How you watered yourself yesterday may not necessarily be the way you need to water yourself tomorrow.’

– @iambrillyant

When I start something new I often go all in. 

I was inspired by the Wim Hof Method and cold showers. It was challenging at first. Then it got easier and I started to appreciate it, at times. I start with a warm shower and then change the temperature gradually. I end with the coldest.

”The cold in your shower doesn’t trigger fight-or-flight—instead, it’s an environmental stress that causes your body to exercise the cardiovascular system and relieve the burden on your heart.”

You can find information here;
The WHM app & Youtube Channel
See ‘The Goop Lab’ ep. 2 ”Cold Comfort” on Netflix.

With crystals, I choose them and then I read about them. Every time is a wow moment and no question about why I chose that specific crystal.

Being the person I am I went all in at one time. I wanted to collect, I got a new one and then a new one and a new one. One day I sat with my little collection of crystals and my intuition said ” You know, you only need three of these now.”

Selenite. Clear quartz. Smoke quartz. 

Selenit. Bergskristall. Rökkvarts.

Less is more. With crystals too. These three are the ones I need now. That will change too. I know. 

”Make it Simple, but Significant.”


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