In May I went to Lakshmi in Italy to take part in a three-day course in Ayurvedic massage.

Lakshmi is situated outside Verona. I’ve been there once before, three years ago for an international meeting. This time I found out I was the only one outside Italy attending the course, two weeks before. So they couldn’t have a translator just for me. How is your Italian Emma? They asked me.When I was 20 I studied Italian in Firenze. Now, it’s basic. I get by and I understand more than I can say but when it comes to taking a course… I decided to go, my flight was already booked.

It was me, seven Italians and the teacher from Sicily in the group. The teacher, Giovanni, has been working with Ayurveda and Lakshmi for 25 years. He has spent a lot of time in India and teaches Ayurvedic treatments and meditation.
I understood about 50% when he was talking and 30% when the students talked to each other. But I was ok with that. I didn’t feel the need to understand everything.

The hands-on part was easier than the theory and I volunteered as the model when the teacher was showing a treatment. I learn from feeling. Sometimes it’s good to watch too but it is so important to know how it feels. After hearing the body parts in Italian for the third day I finally got them! Shoulder, back, neck, stomach… Spalla, Collo, Stomaco…
Apart from the treatment I came for, I learned a lot which I can apply to all my other treatments and about Ayurveda, Aromatherapy and Marma therapy. Ayurveda, I am always amazed, how much sense it makes.
These days gave me more than was hoping for. New knowledge, new inspiration, my Italian came back to me and a reminder of why I work with Ayurveda and Lakshmi.

I am not traveling much these days and I haven’t felt the need to. I am so rooted at home, I don’t think I’ve ever been so attached to one place before. I missed home before I left and I was so excited to come back home. When changing planes, going from one gate to another at the airport, entering the hotel room, I asked myself, why do I do this? I want to be here, in one place. This is where I am grounded, rooted and in peace now.

I’m thinking this is a phase and that I will have the need to move again. But right now, I’m staying here.