I have always been a seeker, a sensitive person, wanting to understand and questioning the truths presented to me.

The interest in Treatments, energy medicine, energy work, healing, organic skin care, herbs, meditation, and the menstrual cycle has grown and changed over time.

I chose the path that somehow was expected of me. University studies and then business. I wanted to be Something. I was taught that all you want and need is out there and I went searching. In other countries, in other people, in courses, in teachers, in books. I went to others for answers and healing. 

‘The medicine is not ‘out there’. It is in here.

We are the Medicine.
We are the Truth.
We are the Way.

– @earthdaughters

Years later it all changed, the inner work started and a new world opened up. Listening to my intuiton, heart and truth is important to me now.

‘Your purpose is leading you away from normal.’ – Lalah Delia.

The path to where I am now have had challenges/teachings/growth in the form of depressions, anxiety, separations, self-worth, self-love, setting boundaries, inner child work, limited beliefs and healing trauma. Important steps for me in this process…

° Searching within.  

° Becoming aware of energies and how to manage my own energies. 

° To be my own Intuitive Practitioner.

° Releasing limited beliefs and programs.

° Living in sync with my menstrual cycle. 

‘Whatever you are currently unlearning does not define you. How long it is taking for you to reach a place of internal comfort does not define you either. You will take many routes in your healing  but with love and patience, all of them will  eventually lead you back to yourself’. – @iambrillyant.

In my work my intention is to support and inspire women. We all need support at times. I continue to learn, to discover and grow. My studies today are more about knowing than learning. Knowing all that I am and have within. 

‘You are your most precious source of wisdom.’

– girlandhermoon