I have always been a seeker, a sensitive person and since I was little, questioning the ‘truths’ presented to me. My interest in treatments, alternative medicine, healing, energies, meditation, consciousness, and spirituality has grown over time.

I chose the path that somehow was expected of me. Same path others around me took. University for four years then business. I wanted to be Something. Someone. Seen and approved by others.
After years of feeling lost, in pain and disconnected, I took a new path in life. Today I aim to be me, to live from my intuition, wisdom and truth.
”Just because it’s expected of you doesn’t mean it’s for you.”

The path to where I am now have had challenges/teachings/growth in the form of depressions, anxiety, separations, heartache, self-worth, self-love, setting boundaries, stomach problems, and pain. Two important shifts for me in this process,
♡ When I went from searching on the outside to searching within. From seeking to finding.
♡ When I became aware of energies. And the knowing that, I’ve been giving away my power & energy to others and taking in other’s energies.
It is time to open up for the possibilities and the magic of my sensitivity.
”My sensitivity is my power.”

I continue to take courses and sessions, to learn, to discover, for support, and to grow. Most recent in the field of Energies (see list below). My studies today are more about knowing than learning. Finding and not seeking. Knowing all that I am and have within.
”This is not a lifetime where you will be taught new information. This is a lifetime where you are going to remember what you already know.”

”Maybe the journey isn’t so much about becoming anything. Maybe it’s about un-becoming everything that isn’t really you, so you can be who you were meant to be in the first place.”

2020. October – December
Metamorphosis. At Bodish with Sanna Karlsson
2020. September – December
The Master Keys of Healing – Alan Cohen
Online webinar course. Info here.
Instant Transformation
Quantum physics, Consiousness & Transformation.
Online course step 1 & 2

During these years I’ve had sessions with Berit von Scheven. A important healer, guide and teacher to me. She has guided and supported me throughout my own healing, transformation and growth. During this time I got to be a student of my own growth and wisdom – and I still am.

Ascension Course. Amanda Cornejo Altamirano, Stockholm.
Chakra Workshops, Leif Ohrling

Leif Orhling has been an important guide, teacher and support to me.

Healing & Energier steg 4, Spanien, Leif Ohrling
Healing & Energier steg 1-3, Leif Ohrling, Nirvana

Ayurvedic Massage Therapy – Lakshmi Italy2017
Healing & Energier step 1, Taoismen, Leif Ohrling
Restorative Yoga Training, Mona Anand

Ayurveda step 1-3
Certifierad Yogamassör

Lakshmi Terapeut, Ayurveda & organic skin care
Diplomerad Yogamassör

Cidesco Diplomerad & Auktoriserad Hudterapeut.
Montreal University, Canada
Lund University, International business