A pendulum is said to be an extension of your intuition. For me, it has been a challenge and a practice to fully listen to and follow my intuition. For me, the pendulum gives me that bit of confirmation when I need it. 

When a teacher of mine didn’t answer my questions I got frustrated and asked him about it. His answer was this, 

”Emma you don’t want answers, you want me to confirm your own answers.” 

I know within that I don’t need the pendulum. But It is magic.

”Told You So. Sincerely. Your Intuition.”


In the beginning of my practice, the pendulum was a good tool for me. When working on connecting to all of me and opening up, my body started to communicate stronger and clearer. Teachers and Therapists all said it was easy to work with me since my body was so clear and communicative.

I started asking me why I kept going to others for answers. If it was easy for them to communicate with me and read me, Could I do it on my own?

I started Taking my Power back. For so long I had given it to others. 

Now I can use my own body to communicate, asking questions, testing things, listening and learning.

The more we allow our bodies to open up and share the connection it has with our deeper self. The connection with all of You, Body – Soul – Spirit. The easier it will be to truly access the knowledge we hold within. 

‘What is the greatest lesson a woman should learn. That since day one she’s already had everything she needs within herself. It’s the world that convinced her she did not.’

– Rupi Kaur.