I first practiced Restorative at a retreat in Italy with Mona Anand. I loved the practice at once, it was easy to surrender into the poses guided by Mona Anand and her amazing voice. In a restorative pose we don’t want to settle for ‘ok’ or ‘comfortable’. We want it to be Amazing, and relax completeley with the support of different props. There is no stretching in Restorative. The props can be a bolster, a pillow, a blanket, eye pillow, blocks…

Mona Anand lives in New York and when she came to Sweden for a training in Restorative I signed up. The practice was and is still for me, I love to do it on my own at home. Then I can choose one or two poses and stay in them as long as I need to , 15-30min. With the sound I choose, in darkness and often late in the evening.

Restorative opens the energetic body. Lower stress, stimulates and/or soothe organs.

I want to share three magic Restorative poses.


Use a bolster or a block and put it under your sacrum. Feet on the floor, Chest and shoulders flat on floor, a pillow under the head. A blanket over you or a pillow on the stomach is nice.

This position has a grounded and soothing effect on me and stimulates the 1° and 2° chakra. It stimulates the abdominal organs and relaxes the lower back.


Sit with one hip against the wall. Lie back onto the floor with legs up the wall. You can have a blanket or pillow under your hips and a pillow under the head. You can have a strap around your legs if you want more support. When you come out of the pose, come down slow, lie on your side and stay there for a bit. This position always works magic for me. Be patient, stay atleast 15min in this one to recieve the effect.

°Lowers blood pressure. Stmulates digestive and reproductive organs, reduces swelling in the legs and feet.


A twist can be done in different ways. I prefer to lie on my back and twist both legs to one side. With a folded blanket or pillow between legs and feet. This one I often do in bed when digestion is slow and my back is tired.

  • °Energy into and massages the spine
  • °Massages abdominal organs
  • °Opens outer hips
  • °Twists diaphragm removing tension.
  • °Balance Manipura Chakra (3°)