‘Love Your skin. You will wear IT for the rest of your life.’

The skin change. What it needs change. The products I choose, change.

I change. What I need changes. What I choose, changes.

‘How you watered yourself yesterday may not necessarily be the way you need to water yourself tomorrow.’ – @iambrillyant

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Inspiration and information about products, for me, for you, for the treatments.

”Make it simple but significant.”


‘Give your vulva the love and care she needs.’

I use Lip’s Intimate Care oil in sugaring treatments, and for me. It is the nr 1 intimate product for women. It’s organic and made in Sweden.

Their newest product is Cleansing + Moisturizing Oil Prebiotic + Postbiotic  

Based on vegetable and organic oils and extracts. With an exclusive oily extract that helps to preserve the microbiota of healthy skin.



I work with C/o Gerd in treatments. I love their products, from the north of Sweden. To me, I connect to earth and nature with these products.

The new line with Hyaluronic products is wow.

Hyaluronic Facial Mist
Facial Mists and Tonic, I use it all the time. First, last and throughout the day.
The Hyaluronic mist has a scent of fresh cucumber.
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Hyaluronic Skin Boost Serum
This new serum, wow. The hyaluronic acid binds moisture in the skin. The cucumber water is rich in minerals such as magnesium and sodium that help maintain an alkali pH in the skin to decrease the risk of inflammation. Aloe Vera calms and moisturises the skin.


This is a Norwegian brand I was introduced to at Tree of Brands. If you love oils you will love these products. The quality is amazing and it is 2in1, 3in1 products, which I love. Simple but Significant. For all the men I can recommend the Active Face Oil, my brother use it.

Four products I love are:

Herbal Face Oil

Argan Night Serum

Peeling Mask

Oil Cleanser

See all the products here

When Tree of Brands introduced Callys to me at a course I attended I got curious.

These unique natural serums. I love the  Eye Contour Gel.