According to Ayurveda fall is represented by the Vata dosha, air and ether element. 

Two years ago in September, I moved into the studio, Yoga Shakti. Into the room where I’m giving my treatments. A lot has happened in these two years, in this room, in the studio, outside the studio, in my life and within me.


I have continued to take courses throughout this time. First continued courses in Yoga massage and Ayurveda, then Restorative Yoga with one of my favorite Yoga teachers, Mona Anand. This spring I went to Lakshmi in Italy for training in Ayurvedic massage followed by sugaring course in Stockholm.

One year ago, in September, I started my healing training at Nirvana in Stockholm which is still going. In October we go to Spain for step four. This is definitely the deepest and most transforming training of them all.

The summer for me is often a time to think about next steps, new courses, changes… I’ve now told myself to not attend any new courses this autumn, apart from the healing training I’m in. I feel I need time and space for everything to integrate, be and evolve. I feel that I need time to be and ”live life”…but never say never. I don’t plan far ahead anymore, I’ve learned that is the best way for me. Now, I look to the end of October, after that we’ll see what the universe has coming for me.

”Universe, I am ready for something awesome coming my way.”